Monday, October 5, 2009


o.k lately I have been craving this chocolate covered ice cream bon bon that was amazing that I had at my friend's house.

My mom also has been making really good casadillas but what made them so good was these tortillas. I like them with cheese, beans and guacamole with a bit of salsa on top.
I was reading some really funny stuff at

you should go look.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Hi my name is Jonathan I like to try and eat food. In my blog I will talk about manly food and sometimes me,but today I'll be talking about me and my family. Well first there is me I'm 10 my birth day is October,25. I enjoy lacrosse and my favorite food is my grandmothers chocolate fudge cake. I then have three sisters Maddie who is 16,Katie who is 14 ,and Ellie who is 7. then theirs my dog Riley who is 6 and very annoying.And last but not least there is my mom and dad.

my mom has here own blog at