Thursday, September 30, 2010


yay i have my tenderfoot (rank in scouting). which i think is awesome cause i get to have a cool pin even though i had to give the bigger one of the pins to my mom i still have i awesome pin. i really didn't know i had my tenderfoot because i don't keep track of my progress, but one day when i went to scout they just told me i was going to get my tenderfoot (i will also be getting my 2 class soon).well thats all thats happening in scouts.

happy hundred years of scouting,

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

darn it i just noticed that the me and my family post has incorrect data on it :(
hay its me again and i just got back from palm desert a few days ago. Did you miss me? OK so palm desert was really really really fun. Other then the 6 hours of driving in a car to get was awesome. So during the time we were there we went to California Adventure the Disney amusement park and Disney land. the happiest place on earth(but according to my sisters Maddy and Katie it is the 2nd happiest place on earth because Utah is the happiest place on earth).So first i will talk about Disney land. Disney land was amazing i got to ride all the mountains thunder mountain was my favorite.i went on pirates of the Caribbean,Indian Jones,the peter pan ride,buzz light year ride one of my favorites, tea cups, and the dumbo ride which where all awesome. Then my Mom, my Grammy, and my sister Ellie went home.then my other two sister my dad and i went on a few more rides. when we went back to the car my dad didn't have the keys my mom did who was two hours away in palm we spend the night in a hotel and it was awesome and that was prity much my vacation.

Monday, February 8, 2010


I need burritos from Chipotle so when i do i get really big one but have no clue what to put on them so my sister does that for me ( I need to find out what she puts on). Just saying you should go there it is the best burrito place ever.

Monday, October 5, 2009


o.k lately I have been craving this chocolate covered ice cream bon bon that was amazing that I had at my friend's house.

My mom also has been making really good casadillas but what made them so good was these tortillas. I like them with cheese, beans and guacamole with a bit of salsa on top.
I was reading some really funny stuff at

you should go look.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Hi my name is Jonathan I like to try and eat food. In my blog I will talk about manly food and sometimes me,but today I'll be talking about me and my family. Well first there is me I'm 10 my birth day is October,25. I enjoy lacrosse and my favorite food is my grandmothers chocolate fudge cake. I then have three sisters Maddie who is 16,Katie who is 14 ,and Ellie who is 7. then theirs my dog Riley who is 6 and very annoying.And last but not least there is my mom and dad.

my mom has here own blog at